Friday, June 10, 2011

United Kingdom after losing its colonies seems to have become crazy. One possible reason is, it has lost its dependable income sources.
Q: How do you know

Ans: The so called Great Britain, after becoming an Ordinary Britain, is engaged in inviting any body whoever has a few million dollars / euros / pounds to invest.

It seems even willing to sell knighthoods for a few hundred thousand bucks.

It is willing to shelter despotic military rulers like Mushraff and corrupt world heads of State / Government because they have some moolah to invest in U.K.

It is willing to inviting corrupt business persons who have money to stash.

1. It allowed Ramdev Baba and his Trusts to buy the Cumbrae Islands (Scotland) for $3.3 million to run a health resort. U.K. Government did not bother to verify whether fishermen in Cumbrae and the neighboring islands get their livelihood and lifestyles disturbed.

2. It knighted Swaraj Paul, the Head of the Caparo Steel Group and made him the Lord Paul of the Marylebone and the member of the House of the Lords.

Will the United Kingdom regain its past glory through the minerals and metals route? Will it not be worthwhile for it to try the Industrial Revolution route of the 21st Century? What is the using of depending on the Tax Havens like Bermuda, Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man to attract stinking lucre?

Monday, November 26, 2007


Former British PM, Mr. Tony Blair is reported to have said:

"I felt forced to keep quiet about my faith, because British does not accept people who talk about their beliefs ... Frankly, people do think you are a nutter. ..."

Now, Is Mr. Blair, a nutter or not?

1. If he is a nutter, but pretended not to be a nutter, then what will happen to his decisions which would have cost his Nation a few billion Pounds?

Monday, July 2, 2007


The news reports indicate that the new British PM is under pressure to order fresh referendum on EU, as EU Constitution and EU Treaty are said to be precisely same.

Briton was a great colonial power which ruled nearly half the world in in its hay day. How can it swallow a concept of equality among European Union countries? It is like pressurising a lion to eat grass and blame it for not touching it.